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We all see the laugh lines around our eyes when we smile or the crease between our eyebrows with certain facial expressions. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long for these lines to become permanent and visible all the time. Botox injections use a paralyzing chemical to inactivate the muscles responsible for those wrinkles.

This is an office-based procedure that can be done quickly and confidentially.  Its effects are temporary, lasting approximately three to four months. Additional injections are necessary to maintain the effects of Botox.

Leaf IconUnderstanding the Procedure
Botox is placed via an injection, directly into the muscle that one desires to paralyze or the wrinkles we are targeting. It is performed in the office and is well tolerated. On rare occasion, some individuals prefer a numbing cream, which is applied over the area for about 45 minutes prior to the procedure. The effects of Botox begin three to four days after injection and generally last for three to four months. While therapeutic, you will not be able to contract those muscles and the wrinkles will improve.
Leaf IconWhat to Expect After the Surgery
Immediately after the injection, there may be a small degree of swelling. Bleeding and bruising are extremely uncommon. Most people return to normal activities immediately.  When placed between the eyebrows, it is remotely possible for your upper eyelids to become temporarily droopy.
Leaf IconFrequently Asked Questions

Will I have to receive Botox injections repeatedly?
Because the effects are only temporary, Botox injections are repeated on 4-5 month intervals.


Will Botox injections alter my facial expressions?
The particular muscle that is paralyzed from Botox will not be able to contract. Certain facial expressions that cause discreet wrinkles cannot be displayed. While that is usually the desired effect, there are some individuals who may not be in position to forgo this, such as actors or trial attorneys.